The purpose of this site is to raise awareness and funds for Donnie Salum and his family during this difficult time with his illness.  Donnie, a former University of Arizona and Atlanta Falcon linebacker, was recently diagnosed with an extremely rare form of bone tumor in the most surgically difficult part of the skull. Donnie has long been a charitable member of our community and the UA family, with over a half-million dollar equipment donation to the  UA weight room serving as one of many examples. However, with mounting medical bills and other expenses, Donnie, Missy and their three young children are now in need of the community’s support.


We want to thank everyone who came to the Bear Down Donnie Golf Tournament and/or dinner. We were totally overwhelmed by all of the love that was in the room. Donnie says he feels like he’s walking on a magic carpet right now from all of the love and friendship he felt that day. The day was very special for our family and one we are forever grateful for. We can’t thank the celebrities that came out to our event and traveled all this way enough. Dick Tomey was a huge part in making this day happen and we thank him from the bottom of our hearts for everything he has done.  Everyone’s love, support and prayers are what keeps us going in this journey and gives us strength. We couldn’t do it without you all!   God Bless everyone that has shown so much love and support to our family and I want you to know that it helps Donnie, immensely, in his fight!

Dick Tomey wanted to make sure that we got this to everyone involved so, I’ll post it below, send & email it out:

What A night! Love, support, fun and optimism! Bear Down Donnie was the phrase of the day. And it was so appropriate. We heard heartfelt, emotional, poignant, and hilarious messages from a few central figures from Donnie’s life —Brother Billy, Coach Sandoval, Paul Glonek, and Rob Gronkowski. In every one of the speeches, it was made clear that Donnie’s the type of person that would give the shirt off his back for anyone or anything that he loves or cares deeply about. As his brother, Billy, so eloquently stated, “that cliché works for many but for Donnie, he would literally give the skin off his back.” Those that know Donnie best know that no statement is truer. Each speaker struck to the heart and soul of everyone in the room. We had a day of emotional connection, golf, and fun, sold some great donated items and auctioned an old coach’s home. We wanted to boost the morale and spirit of Donnie, Missy and the family, and to raise awareness of the difficult path they are on as we begin to raise funds for the days and months ahead. That MISSION was ACCOMPLISHED.

  Now, as we turn to the future, the real fund raising starts! There are no golf tournaments or silent auctions now. We are asking those of you who were there Friday and those who couldn’t make it to spread the word. We need to widen the circle to include more people each day. This is not a one day, one week, or one month challenge. It must go on as long as Donnie needs it. So go to the website www.beardowndonnie.com and contribute as much as you are able. Big and small checks are appreciated. The doctor’s appointment in Pittsburgh later in May hopefully will provide some clarity. No one can be sure. Donnie, Missy and their family are so grateful for all the love and support shown them so far. We need all of you for the long haul–your love, your prayers and yes, your financial help to fight and win this fight!! I for one will be there for Donnie and his family. Are you in?         

               Bear Down 

                  Dick Tomey

For a tax deductible contribution, make checks out to Impact Church with “Salum family Benevolence Fund” in the memo section and mail to:  Bear Down  Donnie                                                                                         5107 E. Michelle Dr.                                                                                                  Scottsdale, AZ 85254                

A special thanks to Dick Tomey, Rich Rod, Lute Olson, Robbie Gronkowski, Chris Gronkowski, Greg Byrne, Nick Foles, Trung Canidate, Rob Waldrop, Mike Stoops, Jay Dobyns, Byron Evans, Chris Miller, Lamonte Hunley, Matt Muehlebach, Glen Parker, John Fina, etc. for coming out as our celebs in support of Donnie.

  Donnie and his family are very, very grateful for all the support, love and prayers they have received and are very humbled. Thank you to everyone!!